“Our Brand”

M.O.B Cosmetic is a brand that was born, raised, made with love in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Founded in 2016, we pride ourselves as a brand who serves high- end quality products and being wallet friendly and bunny approved. 


“Our Philosophy”

At M.O.B Cosmetic, we believe that everyone, literally everyone, is special, unique and beautiful in their own way. We believe that beauty matters and it comes from within all of us, especially when we look and feel good about ourselves.

Our vision is to empower and educate women (and men) to be innovative and creative on their look and our goal is to inspire all to always feel confident everyday while creating a look that will work for your lifestyle, whenever, wherever.


“Our Commitment”

We invested the best and most of our times to develop our products thoroughly and carefully with the best quality of ingredients, as we are committed to deliver nothing but the best possible products to the market locally and internationally.

We have big dreams when we designed our products, and that is to let your inner beauty shine through. We know that beauty matters.

Moving forward, as we are dedicated to continue to satisfy our customers' needs, we will constantly develop better results for our existing and new categories.

After all, we are perfectly beautiful with our own imperfections.